20 – The Agent Experience: How We Support Working by Referral

We offer Referral Maker CRM (Client Relationship Manager) to our agents. This platform is a flagship of Buffini and Company, our training and coaching partners. Referral Maker allows agents to track their referral-creating activities, relationships, and transactions. And Referral Maker for Teams allows the broker or sales manager to manage leads, and reward referral producing activities for all agents in the office. 

The Agent Service Manager assists new agents with importing their database of relationships into their Referral Maker account, directing agents to experts at Buffini and Company when questions arise, and accessing each agent’s database each month in order to create the monthly Item of Value mailings.

A key tenant of ‘working by referral’ is the monthly Item of Value mailings. We mail up to 100 Items of Value each month to our agents’ very best clients – at no cost to the agent. This jump start to the Working by Referral business model is one of the most valuable services we provide. The ASM ensures this monthly task is executed without fail.

Chris says, 

“We are not handing out leads to agents, we are training agents how to create their own leads. To paraphrase the ‘if you give a man a fish’ proverb, giving an agent a lead may feed him for a week, teaching an agent how to generate his own leads will feed him his entire career.”

Working by referral matters. Next week, The Agent Experience: Backstage Support.

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