36 – The Broker Owner Experience: The Self-Managing Real Estate Brokerage™ Part II

This is our onboarding and training program for new franchisees. The initial training is an evolving work in progress. Our ultimate goal is to create our own Hamburger University for our broker owner partners and managers. The initial training is five days long including travel into and out of either Dayton or Columbus, Ohio. The training is held at our current home base of Springfield, Ohio.

The training expands on the processes discussed in this book, including all the marketing materials and plans, as well as presentations by our key vendor, advertising, tech partners, and preferred providers. The week is designed as a collaborative forum to ensure we understand the goals and desires of our franchise partners so that we may support their businesses as promised.

We are also designing training programs specifically for property management professionals and broker owners who wish to add this service to their offices. These training sessions will also be held in Springfield with the option of having our key personnel make onsite visits to our franchisees offices. We will be recording all our training sessions and making the videos available online to our franchisees as well. 


Here are the Training Highlights by Day

Monday / Travel Day and Introductions – we cover

  • About Real Estate Brands Limited.
  • Realizing Our Five Aspirations – and –
  • The Kolbe ‘A’ Exercise

Tuesday / It Starts with A Client – we jump into 

  • The Client Experience
  • Marketing and Advertising – and –
  • Working with Investors

Wednesday / Where the Very Best Agents Do What They Do Best – highlighting – 

  • The Agent Experience
  • The Agent Attraction Strategy
  • Agent Training and Development
  • The Agent Service and Technology Package
  • Your Pay Your Way™ – and –
  • Celebrating Agent Teams

Thursday / It’s All About the Entrepreneur – sharing insights into

  • The Broker Owner Experience
  • Broker Profitability Matters
  • QuickBooks Online
  • The Cash Flow Forecaster™
  • Managing with AppFolio
  • Marketing with Mindset Scorecards – and 
  • Staffing 

Friday / Franchise Support and Travel Day – We expand on

  • What You Should Expect from Real Estate Brands LTD.
  • Brand Position and Concepts
  • Brick and Mortar
  • Ongoing Support – and 
  • Monthly Reporting

It’s a great week of training, culture and collaboration, launching your franchise from a firm foundation. 

Join us next week for the grand conclusion!

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