The purpose of this book is to help the owners of real estate brokerages realize the full potential of their businesses.

Real estate brokerages are being hit from all sides. The internet, while vastly improving our productivity, has also empowered buyers, sellers, and individual agents with enough knowledge to become a danger to themselves and others.

The ultimate effect of Zillow, HGTV, and the rest has been to commoditize our business in the eyes of our customers. The advent of the agent ‘team concept’ has created mini-brokerages within brokerages with none of the risk and liability the broker owner incurs.

Franchise companies are primarily focused on two things, agent recruiting, and selling more franchises. Franchises, which in most cases began as platforms to support broker owners and their businesses, have become little more than a means of supporting the quarterly goals of very large public companies. Many of our fellow broker owners have devalued their businesses, and by extension, our businesses, by resorting to limited service and discount listing options that have severely impacted profitability for all.

Worse, many brokerages have so devalued their service to individual licensees that they operate with fee structures that favor the agent over the health of the brokerage. In both situations, we have been in a race to the bottom with our competitors for many years.

This book is for the entrepreneurs that chose real estate as their means of making a difference in the world. This book is for the real estate broker owner that is not afraid to earn a return on his or her investment, and for whom profit is not a dirty word.

This book is for the broker owner who wants to differentiate themselves in a world that sees us more and more as all the same.

This book is for the broker owner who refuses to become a commodity and seeks to differentiate themselves through dedicated service and results. This book is about leading, not about following.