21 – The Agent Experience: Backstage Support

A real estate professional focused on building relationships, generating leads, and closing transactions doesn’t always have time for all of the ‘backstage’ activities that make the ‘on stage’ work possible. That is why we offer each agent a complete productivity package designed to allow our agents more time with their clients.

Each agent is set up with an automated showing service account to eliminate the need to personally set up showings on their listings. A mobile app allows the agent to quickly and easily tailor the service to the needs of each seller. These services automatically ask the showing agents for feedback which can be shared directly with the seller in real time.

Each agent is set up with a Dotloop account, allowing agents to create contracts and listing packages electronically on their desktop computers or mobile devices. It provides a secure platform for obtaining signatures electronically and ensuring that contract packages are complete for compliance purposes.

Each agent is set up with a personal 8-by-8 Voip Phone Number. Our offices are equipped with an 8X8 state-of-the-art cloud based auto attendant and voicemail system which allows each office to tailor their answering and communication services to the needs of their specific clients and market. Through either a desktop computer or mobile app, agents direct their incoming calls to ring through to their desk, home office, cell phone, a fellow team member, or to voicemail, at select times of the day. Agents can be notified about voicemail messages via email as well. 

Each of the above services require periodic upgrading and additional training from time to time. The ASM is responsible for implementing not only upgrades to existing services as needed, but also bringing new agent services online as opportunities arise. The ASM is ultimately responsible for making sure the office ‘works’ – with dependable wi-fi, fully functioning office machines and backup plans, and an overall clean and well-maintained space.  

Next week is all about The Agent Experience: Your Pay Your Way

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