19 – The Agent Experience: The Agent Service Manager

Chris set out to create an environment in which everyone is free to do what they do best. We ensure that our agents are free to do what they do best through the support of the Agent Service Manager (ASM).

The ASM supports the daily business activities of their agents. They are often the primary point of contact between the agent and the brokerage. 

They manage all of the agent services the brokerage provides and deliver ongoing technical and training support as needed. They function as a personal business assistant to their agents. So within reason, the ASM does whatever it takes to facilitate the completion of a transaction. From admin tasks to just being there to listen when an agent is ‘in the weeds’, a good ASM is versatile and supportive.

Here is Chris’s ASM job description:

  • Ensure that our agents are getting the greatest benefit from the tools we provide.
  • Onboarding new agents and implementing The Quick Start Game Plan™.
  • Assist with client appreciation parties, agent training sessions, meetings, and any other brokerage associated events.
  • Coordinate monthly Item of Value mailings each month. 
  • Coordinate special projects such as screening new vendors, and managing new equipment and software installs.
  • Process files, make bank deposits, and write commission checks to agents.
  • Manage the brokerage trust account to state standards.
  • Invoice agents monthly for errors and omissions insurance, MLS, board fees, and miscellaneous expenses.
  • Maintain Dotloop and paper-copy listing files to Division of Real Estate standards.
  • Maintain personnel files and records for agents, brokers and branch offices.
  • Maintain brand standards by encouraging each agent to complete Listing and / or Buyer checklists for each file.
  • Schedule showings, duplicate listings in secondary MLS systems if applicable, and complete random tasks as requested.

While they are in the office for regular business hours, the ASM is not the bookkeeper, receptionist or a sales person. And generally, if a task does not directly benefit at least one agent, that’s not the ASM’s job.

Considering the proficiencies needed, we recommend the ASM candidate take a Kolbe A assessment and complete an office task ‘test’ prior to extending a job offer.

And that’s why we love our ASMs! See you next week for The Agent Experience: How We Support Working by Referral

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