33 – The Broker Owner Experience: Brick and Mortar

A real estate company’s success is no longer dependent on the location of their office, or in some cases, even having an office at all. These days, most of our agents only come in as they need to, usually to meet a client, attend a closing, or to turn in a file and collect a commission check. Technology has given every agent the option of having their ‘office’ wherever they are. In new markets, we are exploring shared space facilities to obtain a great address at an affordable cost with an opportunity for expansion. A larger operation and a robust property management business will require something larger but the need for dedicated space for individual agents has long past.

Here are some photos from  Springfield office. It is not fancy, but it is supremely functional. Any office should fit the needs of the business and the expectations of the local market.

And that’s the brick & mortar. See you next week to share more about The Broker Owner Experience: The ROOST Culture

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