14 – The Agent Experience: Your Brokerage for Life

Just as Chris wants to attract clients to our brand and retain them throughout their lives, he want the same for our agent and broker relationships. A great relationship starts with attracting someone who is personally aligned with our brand values and aspirations. The relationship grows over time as we continuously add value to an agent’s business and life. 

As the needs of an agent change over the arc of their career, we also adapt, change, and develop the new capabilities we need to support them. We will be there from the day they pass their real estate license exam, sell their first house, hire their first assistant, assemble their first team, launch their own ROOST Real Estate Company franchise and all the way to the point where they decide to sell their business or just slow down a bit. 

Ours is a business relationship, but also, our business is personal. When we find a good match in an agent, our hearts get thrown in too. There is respect, admiration, and love at the core of what we do. Ours is a relationship where we expect each other to bring the best we have inside us to our profession every day. It is the heart and a mutual commitment to each other’s success that sustains our relationships over time and allows us to truly be Your Brokerage for Life.

For the way you want to live today.

Next week, we’re digging in to The Agent Experience: Training and Technology – it’s good stuff, so don’t miss it!

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