13 – The Agent Experience: The Online Agent Attraction Strategy

Our new agent marketing funnel consists of four parts: reach, engage, activate, and re-engage. In the reach stage, we cast the widest net to reach all possible people who self-identify as Realtors in specific geographic areas, and capture their interest with our weekly recruiting videos and blog posts drawn from A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to the Good Life.

The engage stage establishes a relationship with those we identified in the reach stage. They are consuming our content and following us on social media. In this stage of the marketing process, they may download a free e-book, or be tagged by a pixel for future touch-point opportunities.

In the activate stage, we aim to communicate directly with Realtors looking for a new brokerage. These are our best qualified prospects and we engage with them through the GoodLife4Realtors scorecard, phone calls, and eventually an in-person meeting. We also mail them a complimentary physical copy of A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to the Good Life, and a piece of swag like a t-shirt or mug. As an additional inducement down the line, we will mail them a copy of A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Profitability.

At this point we are working to seal the deal. However, timing is everything and sometimes the courtship process is longer than we would like. The ‘re-engage’ stage is essentially outside the funnel and allows an incubation period where we stay connected through social media and target ads and emails, nudging these Realtors back to the activation stage.



Reach Videos, Blog and Social Media Posts Agent moves to engage stage.

Engage Free E-Book Agent moves to activate stage.

Activate Mail paperback book and swag. Agent joins us.

Re-Engage Targeted emails / updates. Agent joins us.

And we’ll see you next week for –  The Agent Experience: Your Brokerage for Life

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