11 – Part #2 – The Agent Experience – A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to the Good Life

Client touch points in the agent recruiting and retention process occur from the moment an agent becomes aware that we exist, continuing throughout our career-long relationship. Ideally, a prospective agent will be referred, ‘discover’ us passively, or succumb to our marketing efforts. It should be easy for the candidates who are a fit to find us organically, and when they own the experience, it is their victory.

Our new agent recruitment marketing plan is grounded in Chris’s 2015 book A Real Estate Agents Guide to the Good Life – What You Should Expect from Your Brokerage. Now, getting agents to actually read it—even ROOST agents—was not going to be easy. Under ten-thousand words, it was still not something many wanted to plow through in their spare time. Even the free download got only a few takers.

So, Chris decided to break the book down into bite-size pieces and release them weekly. Our social media partners, Levi and Shayna Wiggins suggested that we also complement the blog posts with short explainer videos. (By the way, this is Shayna, hi!!)

The videos are very simple, but hold the potential agent’s attention in such a way that the content is too compact and easily-digested to walk away. All of the videos are available on our blogs and our YouTube channel. And we continue to update and reposition the content annually to keep weekly communication fresh and to catch new eyes over time, creating client touch points and new opportunities for connection.

Chris also architected a series of recruiting postcards featuring our agents and key points from the book which he mails to our recruiting ‘hit-lists’ in each market where we do business. We use the same content to create emails that we send out monthly to a broader group of local Realtors. 

And now you know who your narrator is! Cool! Let’s get together again next week to discuss The Agent Experience: Attracting New Agents – because Our Best Candidates Are Referred by Our own Agents!

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