4 – The Client Experience: Avoiding the Commoditization Trap

One of Chris’s ongoing motivations for creating a real estate brokerage platform centered on the needs and desires of our clients is to avoid becoming a commodity. We’re not all alike. Many broker owners compete largely on price to survive in a commoditized market. We’re not interested in a pay cut, are you?

We package our unique methods and processes in a fashion that authentically speaks to our desired clients. We also cultivate ongoing relationships with clients where the value we provide exceeds their expectations. The way to accomplish these twin strategies is to create a brand that communicates our unique place in the industry. 

McDonald’s is one of the best examples of a successful brand. Not only are the Golden Arches instantly recognizable, we expect consistent tasting food in thousands of restaurants all over the world. They send their franchisees through Hamburger University to ensure your experience is consistent no matter where you bite into your Bic Mac.

Training and ongoing support is at the core of all great brands, and it is the center-piece of the ROOST Real Estate Company brand. The first step in our Agent Indoctrination Process is asking our owners and managers to become Buffini and Company Certified Mentors, so they can lead their new and experienced agents through the twelve-week Peak Producer training program.

The fact that agents are independent contractors is no excuse – you must create a culture around your brand and values. Independent contractors are  far more motivated evangelists than a 9 to 5 employee.

Chris sees the traditional independent contractor relationship as a great way to build and expand our brand. Our very best agents believe in our mission as much as we do. And we depend on our agents to ensure a unique, consistent, and successful client experience.

Obviously not every licensee in the world is a good fit for our company. There may be only a few thousand agents across the United States that share our core beliefs and values. We are not a body shop. We are a premium brand that only desires to support and serve the agents that leverage the business platform and strategies we provide to the maximum possible benefit. We are looking for agents with a business owner mentality that are experts at helping people buy and sell houses. 

Join us next week to take your brokerage  From Listing Focused to Client Obsessed!

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