1 – Introduction

Chris McAllister’s latest book, “Take A Look at your Future – A Broker’s Guide to Entrepreneurial Success,” helps Broker Owners realize the full potential of their business.

While most franchise companies focus on two things: agent recruiting, and selling more franchises, Chris is going to show you how to build a profitable and sustainable company that will add value to agents and their clients.

Sure, many brokers offer deep discounts and limited service. And others devalue their service so much that their fee structures prioritize attracting new agents over the health of the brokerage. That’s a race to the bottom.

This book is for the entrepreneurs that chose real estate to make a difference in the world. For the broker that is not afraid to earn a profit and differentiate his or herself in a commodity-minded market. This book is for leaders like you.

Chris opened a RE/MAX franchise in early 2003. In 2009, after filing for bankruptcy protection, he associated his office with a local firm and began researching franchises again, but the franchises weren’t a fit.

 Here are a few of Chris’s non-negotiables:

  • Working by referral.
  • Providing more value than paid for
  • Support to continuously expand his skills and capabilities
  • The belief that relationships are infinitely more valuable than transactions
  • The joy of consistently serving his clients 
  • The intentional application of his unique talents and abilities, and those of everyone he works with

Not one franchise shared the core values that have been the bedrock of all of Chris’s successes. So he began creating the real estate company that he would want to work for, a company that reflected his values and aspirations.

After five years, Chris knows that he is on the right track. 

Chris considers Real Estate Brands Ltd his life’s work. 

Chris has been a broker for over 15 years, investing a decade preparing for this moment. And we believe there are people out there who want more for their future entrepreneurial success. Are you one of us? 

Chris wrote The book in three parts:

In “The Client Experience,” Chris shares new and innovative ways to win over clients and retain them for life.

In “The Agent Experience” Chris reveals a business platform to help you create the only brokerage your agents will every need.

And in “The Broker Experience” Chris speaks to you, the entrepreneur, the risk taker, the business builder who deserves not just our support and gratitude, you deserve our laser focus on Broker Profitability. And that’s what you get in this book.

Join us next week to dive into the book, beginning with The Client Experience

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