9 – The Client Experience: Moments of Truth

A moment of truth can easily turn into an obstacle and a ‘pain point’ for a potential client. Gaps in our understanding of what a client really wants, brand ‘misses’ where we fail to execute as promised, or a failure to acknowledge what a client might be feeling, are just three common challenges that interfere with the desired brand experience. Our ability to solicit feedback along the way, rapidly resolve conflicts, and address concerns in real time all go a long way towards countering the inevitable misstep. 

Moments of truth are our big opportunities to demonstrate the value we add to the client and the professional relationship. Making a situation ‘right’ with a client usually carries the day, and if done with integrity and authenticity, creates an emotionally engaging experience. Moments of truth give us a chance to show that we are accountable to both the client and our brand promise. They are opportunities for connection. 

We cannot stress enough how important an awareness of client touch points, pain points, and high value moments are to the success of a real estate professional. Awareness is the first step to vastly improved customer service and the ability to attract clients and advocates for life. Once we become aware of the possibilities for connection that are really right under our noses, we can begin an analysis and an action plan for making the most of each opportunity.

That’s it for moments of truth – next week, let’s talk about – The Client Experience: Marketing and Advertising

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