31 – The Broker Owner Experience: Marketing with Mindset Scorecards

As Chris mentioned earlier in Part #2, we are working on several marketing projects using what we call mindset scorecards. We are currently beta-testing the Good Life for Realtors scorecard, the Make Your Real Estate Work scorecard for prospective property management clients, the Happy Home Buyer and Successful Home Seller scorecards, the What Success Looks Like scorecard for staff members, and the Take a Look at Your Future scorecard for prospective broker partners and franchisees like you!

A mindset scorecard is designed to do several things. First, it is an instrument that clearly defines our goals and aspirations as a company. Second, it helps prospective clients self-identify with our way of doing business and motivating them to learn more about what we offer. Third, a prospective client, team member, realtor, or broker owner’s score themselves, giving us a pretty good idea if they are a good fit for our company.

Next week, The Broker Owner Experience: Brand Position and Concepts

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