26 – The Broker Owner Experience: A Word about Chris McAllister

Chris has been a Realtor® since 2001 and a broker since 2003. Chris has owned franchises and helped manage a locally owned firm. He has lived the best and worst of both worlds and believes that a real estate firm has to be about the profession and the client to be successful. It cannot be simply about the agent or simply about the owner. 

Most large real estate firms are in the business of recruiting agents and selling franchises. These are important goals at ROOST as well, but new partners, recruits, and offices are a natural result of the growth of the brand and our message and mission of being Smart, Passionate, Supportive and Approachable.

ROOST Real Estate Company is designed to serve the needs and goals of all of their stakeholders. To do that, however, the entrepreneurial broker owner must make an appropriate return on their time, talent, and financial investments. The Self-Managing Brokerage™ is the training, branding, and operational guide to leading a successful and profitable ROOST Real Estate Company or Lucky Town Real Estate Co. brokerage

Chris’s unique ability is creating business opportunities and strategies designed to support and add value to the lives of real estate professionals and their clients. ROOST Real Estate Company is not only the company Chris has always wanted to work for, he considers ROOST Real Estate Company to be his life’s work.

Real Estate Brands Ltd Owners and Partners 

Real Estate Brands Ltd plans to expand by partnering with entrepreneurs interested in acquiring a franchise and franchise rights to specific geographic areas. We also expect to expand by opening additional company owned offices. R.EBL .B..is also interested in establishing financial partnerships with entrepreneurs in new markets where REBL would share both the risks and rewards of a new venture.

For more information, contact Chris McAllister at 844-806-6577 or email Chris@RealEstateBrandsLtd.com. 

And we’ll see you next week, for an intro to The Broker Owner Experience: Our Five Aspirations 

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