16 – The Agent Experience: Transitioning to a New Culture

Chris has agents who have been with him since his RE/MAX days. They have seen him at his best and his worst. They weathered the transition from RE/MAX back to a local Mom and Pop operation and stuck with him through the creation of and the transition to, ROOST Real Estate Company 

Transition can be traumatic. Most people avoid change at all costs. Even good change is stressful. While it is impossible to make transitioning a real estate business to a new model completely painless, knowing where obstacles are likely to come up can be helpful.

Your new agents are going to be inconvenienced. Some inconveniences will be minor, like changing out yard signs and business cards. Others, like notifying the local board of realtors, completing new licensing requirements, and updating websites are not that terrible. But when experienced all at once, it can be overwhelming. Especially when the agent still has their day to day business to run.

And some agents will feel they have tried transition before. If the last major move did not ‘take’ why should this one? Some never get completely on board while others will give it a chance.

You as a broker may be interested in making a change to counter low team morale. A new direction may be just what the team needs to get back on a growth track. But too much change too quickly can derail your hopes for a better life and business. 

Chris says never assume anyone will buy-in completely. Sometimes, people surprise us; some and leave and others are eager for change.

Sometimes, a little ‘creative destruction’ may be just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes we have to leave the past behind to secure a new future. Life is too short to continue in an unhappy situation. Don’t worry – in our broker owner training program, The Self-Managing Brokerage™, Chris addresses office transition in detail. 

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